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Jul 31 2017

Limitless – Cancelled – No Season 2 on CBS, Netflix, Amazon #jg #wentworth #commercials


Limitless Cancelled: No Season 2 on ‘Any Platform,’ Says EP

AMEN! This has happened to me on like 6 different shows. All ones that I thought were amazing and quite frankly, better than the ones they decided to keep up and running.

I just watch the first episodes like the its going to be a limited series. It works and gives me lots of good watching experiences. I just try not to be too sad when they get pulled or cancelled, hanging onto the new characters I was fortunate to have met. I have this huge list of shows I will restart if I ever become a billionaire haha.

KC Shannon says:

How disappointing. I ve beenwaiting and waiting for commercials for season 2 telling me what night it moved to. How could such an amazing show get canned? Especially with a big name like Bradly Cooper, being such a big part of the show.
Not to mention the unusual plots twists and turns. Oh and the main character was so much fun to follow. Why not get rid of on reality show and keep a winner like Limitless Booooooo. CBS Booooooo


Yep, those stupid reality shows need to go. I can t stand them. Limitless was one of the best plotted TV shows. Dang!

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2 the show got off to a good start and had many opportunities to explore a future where leveling out the stratification of intellect in this world would surely lead us in a new and dramatic direction. Our creators rejoin us on earth and explain how we got here and how, as time travelers, we had to go through the past 4000 years to recapture our humanity which was lost when we allowed machines with artificial intelligence to judge us humans as we wasted time playing Pokémon go. They took away our privileges and we had to come back in time to remember not to play that or any other games that steal our time and bury our noses further into a smart? phone. Show could gave been perfect

This was actually a show I tried to watch in real time instead of the DVR, so disappointed.

I was not surprised at what happened. Watching the last episode I realized
that once everyone knew about that drug Limitless painted itself into a corner.
Still there were some possibilities left in the overall plot for another season.
I guess will never know if Brain found his girlfriend. I felt that while Limitless
had potential the pacing story line per episode were at best uneven. If CBS
did not have so many successfull returning series and a choice of new ones
Limitless would have gotten another chance.

CBS renewed tired, boring medical procedural Code Black, whose ratings were WORSE than Limitless s, for a 2nd season. And they picked up MacGyver despite hating its pilot so much they fired the writers, the showrunner, and most of the cast, thinking its name along makes it a good bet. No, this has nothing to do with too many successful choices and everything to do with eschewing originality and doubling down on what they think are safe choices.

pamela guyon says:

I truly enjoyed this show. It was unique, funny and very entertaining. I found Jake McDorman to be quite talented in that he could be very funny or tragic. I hope he goes far. It seems that the more creative series do not attract audiences as they used to, like Lost, the X-Fiies and more. People really need to rally around these shows, not when they are on the brink of being cancelled. Shall we rally for this? It is never too late!

Well hell. It was a decent show. I wish Bradley Cooper had more pull as an EP. This makes the 4th show canceled that I watched. Very sad:(

I also thought Bradley Cooper s involvement (and occasional guest appearance) would somehow save the show. Guess not!

As much as I liked this show, after like 10 episodes, it kind of started to show that it would not go that far. The thing with him taking the drug, they almost seemed to down play that after a bit. The fact that he did what he did, for the government, just, I don t know, what could they have done with it? Some things can be done in a movie, some in a show. The idea that is Limitless was good for a couple of hours, in a movie, but in a show, there was no way they could have kept it going.

I don t know. As a premise for a procedural it was fine, as long as they came up with good cases of the week. The problem (as many have noted in these comments) was what to do once Brian was no longer special and NZT flooded the market. I think they could have worked with that, though. One of the most amazing things about the show was its implicit, and often explicit mediation on drug use, underlined by making Brian a pothead. I can t help wondering whether that had something to do with the show s cancellation some nervousness about a show that cheekily endorsed Better Living Through Chemistry. But, of course, even that charge would be unfair, as the show was fully aware of that tension.

Tahoe Mike says:

Last year it was Forever, this year it s Limitless. I sure can pick em.

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