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Aug 13 2017

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Film & background music score

Music production forms the backbone of the entire process of Audio and acoustic engineering. Disk Jockeying is a small yet substantial part of the entire procedure of music production.

Film & background music score

The position and repute of a sound specialist is immense in the film industry. An audio specialist dives into the heart of emotions by providing proper background music score and by striking the right chord at the right time.

Summer Programme

Now this is a short term fun course for all those who love music. This is a detailed crash course offered by us to musicians of all ages to want to study music for a comparatively short period of time.

The Foundation Courses

The foundation course is specially designed to cater towards the needs of aspiring music professionals. The foundation course aims to channel your efforts towards the right direction and build a set of all the skills which are required to have a successful career in music and related fields.

The diploma course

Our diploma courses help in carving a niche in the music industry and open pathways to new prospects of growth. The diploma course aims at improving efficiency of work along with proper exposure and practical experience.

Audio Engineering

Understanding the details of music is not an easy job in itself and requires utmost attention. The process of recording of audio has substantially evolved and developed further in the last few years.

Founder’s Note

I welcome you to Angel’s Music academy, where we teach, build and polish the character of our students to become the best working professionals. Music is a way of life and therefore, it can teach a person to be disciplined, hard working and diligent and at the same time an energetic, joyful and a crazy person.
We not only teach how to play a 6-stringed guitar or a black keys keyboard but we also teach what music actually means. Music isn’t a manmade invention but a science which existed before us and we are discovering it only now.
The sound of the train, the chirping of birds, the wind blowing against you, the leaves whistling in the wind, these are all forms of music that aren’t always heard and felt by the human senses. This is something that can’t be taught, it something that a person feels and understands by himself.

Faculties Detail

Shaiphali saxena: Our root stem of AMA. She is a founder and sound engineer by profession. She is graduated from Trinity, London and pursued her Sound engineering and western vocals from KMMC(A.R. Rahman’s Foundation). She worked as sound engineer in many Tollywood projects as well she worked as an arranger for many albums, short movies.
Harshit Rastogi: He is an IT guy but pursuing his career in Drums & Percussions. Of an experience of 8 years he is training students in AMA since one year.
Avi Bepari: Our guitar faculty from Kolkata. He got this tradition from his dad & playing guitar since he was 4 years old. Are you thinking about genres. He can play any genre in any time signature as he holding an experience of 18 years with him.
Victor ‘D’ Souza: Our piano faculty. He is from banglore & almost performed with each and every famous celebrity of Tollywood industry. After giving 30 years to piano. He is training students in Piano and keyboard but as an artist he can play almost each and every instrument proficiently.

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