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Aug 15 2017

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Business Management Certifications and Certificate Programs

Essential Information

Certificate programs in business management are available mainly from community colleges and extension campuses of 4-year colleges and universities. Certificate programs cover business management basics such as accounting, finance, business law and human resource issues.

A community college certificate program can prepare a high school graduate for an entry-level business career, especially in programs that require an internship. In some cases, a community college certificate program can transfer into a 2-year associate’s degree program. Sufficiently educated and experienced professionals who want to obtain certification can do so by passing a qualifying examination.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Actuarial Sciences
  • Business and Commerce, General
  • Business Statistics
  • Customer Service Management
  • eCommerce
  • Logistics, Distribution, and Materials Management
  • Management Science
  • Office Management
  • Operations Management
  • Public and Nonprofit Organizational Management
  • Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Management
  • Transportation Management

Certificate in Business Management

Many postsecondary schools feature certificate programs that are designed to give aspiring business professionals a glimpse of the skills needed to build careers in business management. Most programs require a high school diploma or GED equivalent, although some programs are specifically designed for people with a college degree who are looking to change careers. In the latter case, the school may offer a similar business essentials certificate designed for less-experienced students. Most schools require applicants to demonstrate a proficiency in English and have a strong background in math and composition.

Certificate programs generally focus on small business management, school business management and green business management. Coursework also is typically available in a project management certificate program, which generally prepares business people to initiate, oversee and complete projects. Courses cover the basics in business and management principles. Courses may include:

  • Financial accounting basics
  • Fundamentals in business law
  • Human resources for managers
  • Computer software for management
  • Principles of business marketing
  • Essential skills for supervisors

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

Depending on an individual’s educational background, completing a certificate program in business management could open the doors to business management jobs such as:

  • Restaurant manager
  • Office manager
  • Human resources specialist
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Small business owner
  • Management analyst or consultant

Individuals who have work experience and a certificate in business management might find work as administrative services managers. Employment of these professionals was expected to grow 8% between 2014 and 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which was about average. Administrative services managers earned median salaries of $86,110 as of 2015, per the BLS.

Continuing Education and Certification Information

Professional organizations often offer both opportunities to increase knowledge through continuing education, and a chance to prove knowledge and skills through certification. The Association of Professionals in Business Management has two certification programs for individuals who want to sharpen their skills as managers ( ).

The Certified Associate Business Manager (CABM) credential is a program for those starting their careers in business finance. marketing or human resources. Certification is awarded to applicants who pass a 4-hour exam. The association also provides training materials necessary to help people prepare for the test.

The master’s degree-level Certified Business Manager credential is for people with more education and experience, and requires individuals pass a 4-part, 16-hour exam. As with the CABM, the association provides training materials, if needed.

The Institute of Management Consultants USA has a Certified Management Consultant designation that requires individuals to have a certain level of education and experience, submit client reviews, and pass an exam whose length is determined by the applicant’s educational and professional background ( ). The designation is not required for consultants but may give someone an advantage, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( ).

A business management certificate, which can function as a standalone program or as a complement to a traditional degree, teaches students the basics of managing a business. Many organizations, such as The Association of Professionals in Business Management and The Institute of Management Consultants USA, offer graduates professional certifications in business management.

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