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Aug 20 2017

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10 Bay Area Alarm Advantages

Bay Area Alarm is a California based alarm company which has been serving its clients since 1946. Now in its 3rd generation, the company has a strong reputation for quality and service. Here are 10 Bay Area alarm advantages.

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Bay Area Alarm

  1. Locally owned and locally based. This company is based in California and serves over 100,000 clients across the state. The company has become the nations largest independently owned burglar alarm company in the US. You can count on Bay Area alarm to be there for you today and for many years to come.
  1. The company supports a strong community outreach program. Their website lists a great many organizations which have benefited from the support of Bay Areas alarm. This has occurred for many years.
  1. The burglar alarm equipment from the company features the best quality and performance at an attractive price. Bay Area can configure a system with hard wired connections or with wireless connections. This brings a great deal of flexibility to their installations and allows them to offer their customers an ideal solution.
  1. The systems can monitor a wide variety of threats such as intrusion alerts, smoke/fire, flood, and other hazards. The sensors are installed in a manner which minimizes their view so potential intruders won’t be aware that a particular window or door is armed.
  1. The company’s monitoring services are first rate. They are manned by highly trained professionals and are available to respond to your emergencies 24/7. These centers also feature effective backups so the company can always respond to any potential emergencies quickly and effectively.
  1. Outstanding pricing. Since the company is owned by local residents, they understand the needs of the community and try to structure their services as cost effectively as possible to make it available to as many potential customers as possible. At the same time they will not compromise on their the products, service or support.
  1. Bay Area’s strength is in its people. They recognize that a company is normally only as good as its people and they take great pride in developing and encouraging excellence throughout the organization. Everyone who works at Bay Area receives extensive training and strong support of its customers is a primary emphasis.
  1. Baynet. They introduced this terrific enhancement which allows you to stay connected to your home at all times through an Internet or cellular phone connection. You can monitor the situation at home while you are away and can easily control key elements of your system remotely.
  1. You can be assured that this company is committed to complete customer satisfaction. They publish many fine testimonials from customers large and small. So you can be assured that you are dealing with a first rate organization.
  1. Advertised specials on their website. The pricing from Bay Area is already extremely competitive. But be sure to check out their website for special programs which can include the first month of monitoring service free.

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