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Aug 21 2017

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Drug Treatment West Palm Beach FL (561) 623-6334

Drug Treatment West Palm Beach offers the most innovative evidence based intervention programs available for treating addiction today. Our rehab center is a private, fully licensed and accredited facility that gives patients the option to access treatment through short or long term residential arrangements, intensive outpatient or via a partial hospitalization program. For at least 20 years Drug Treatment West Palm Beach have been providing excellent addiction treatment. As such, we have received the gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission.

Since everyone is different, all our programs at Drug Treatment West Palm Beach, are customized to facilitate these unique differences. An important part of our treatment process is identifying any underlying issues beyond the addiction that may have caused the substance abuse or is perpetuating it. Our patient centric treatment programs tailored by medical professionals at Drug Treatment West Palm Beach are based on a complete physical and psychological evaluation. This process also entails a review of the patient’s genetic makeup, medical history, other family dynamics, patterns of drug use and environmental issues relevant to addiction. Call Drug Treatment West Palm Beach today at (561) 623-6334 .

We also support and enable the establishment of progressive lifestyle changes that help to minimize the issues that would trigger substance abuse in the future. Addiction create mental imbalances to such a degree that the only thing that matters is getting and using drugs. Traditional interventions provide core treatment protocols that are integral to the recovery process. However, holistic treatment modalities augment and complement these conventional processes. When paired, holistic and conventional treatment programs help to restore balance to mind, body and spirit. Our holistic treatment programs are extremely popular because they contribute to these new lifestyle goals in a number of ways. The following are some of the most holistic programs patients offered at our rehab facility:

  1. Acupuncture is an ancient alternative procedure utilized in the treatment of addiction that is supported by years of clinical studies and physiological evidence. Acupuncture has been used for over 3000 years in the treatment of various ailments. It’s resurgence as a therapy for the treatment of addiction and over 40 other disorders is substantiated by its place on the World Health Organization list of remedies.
  2. Biofeedback is a scientifically based modern holistic approach that help to reduce stress levels. Practitioners use instruments that provide immediate feedback about the level of tension in a patient’s body. People who participate in this program have reported gains of greater psychological confidence by learning how to control physical reactions. Biofeedback has been used by scientist and medical researchers to map brain activity and pinpoint problem areas in patients battling addiction for decades. More treatment centers has added Biofeedback to their services in recent years due to advancements in procedures that has significantly increased the effectiveness of this treatment process.
  3. Equine Therapy is an experiential treatment program that involves close interaction with horses. This holistic treatment process is helpful for patients who are withdrawn, shy or find it hard to relax and express their feelings in a group or even in individual counseling sessions. Patients that need to address psychological issues in a way that is non-threatening to them, have a high level of success with this Equine Therapy. It has also proven to be successful in achieving similar results for those suffering with insecurity, guilt and self-worth issues.
  4. Meditation and Yoga, from a psychological standpoint improve brain health and reduce mood swings. Since these practices enhance the patient’s state of mine, it contributes greatly to the overall recovery process. These exercises are also extremely beneficial in reducing incidents of Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). It also minimize the physical shakes and trembling associated with this condition. Yoga also work by increasing focus and concentration which help those suffering from memory loss as a result of long term substance abuse to achieve a speedier recovery.

These and other holistic treatment modalities are an important part of the services offered at Drug Treatment West Palm Beach. The significance of these holistic programs is the fact that many are adaptable as habits for everyday living.

If you or a loved is struggling with an addiction, our comprehensive treatment programs can help you to experience full recovery and long term sobriety. Call Drug Treatment West Palm Beach today at (561) 623-6334 to learn more about our integrated treatment programs.

About West Palm Beach

Amidst the opulence of West Palm Beach is a booming metropolitan city in Florida with a growing population of more than 103,038 residents. There is also not too many places in Florida where you can see a white rhinoceros and African chimps wandering freely as you can at the Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach. Those who love the beach can spend the entire day picnicking on Peanut Island or visiting a bunker that was built for U.S. President Kennedy during the cold war. You can also enjoy year round sunny weather, pristine golf courses while soaking in the luxury of true Floridian lifestyle. However, West Palm Beach is not just for the rich and famous like Donald Trump, Tiger Woods and Jimmy Buffet who has homes there. There are also affordable accommodations and entertainment for those who are more budget conscious. For those who prefer indoor entertainment, the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach boast a collection of American, Chinese and European art or visit the Kravis Center for the performing arts in downtown where you can see many well- known performers at work.

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