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Aug 24 2017

Gf Central Gf Red River High School Class Of 1971, Grand Forks, ND #gf #central #gf #red #river #high #school, #class #of #1971, #grand #forks, #nd, #larry #ferguson(rr)







Class Of 1971 40th reunion web site.

HOW TO REGISTER-Go to classmates profile , (left hand side 4th one down) then scroll to your name, make up a password for yourself, click on remember me, fill in info. Once you are logged in it will give you full access to this site.

How to use this site instructions- Go to left side menu and left click. It will guide you step by step.

This is the OFFICIAL website for the Grand Forks High School Class of 1971. This website is owned by our class and most of the content was created by our class. But you re only seeing a very small part of our huge site. The content is intended for the members and friends of our class. This website is absolutely free to the members of the Class of 1971. Your information on this website, including your email address, is not made available to anyone. We do not carry advertising.Even if you didn t make it back to the reunion,we hope you can use this site to reconnect with your friends.

If you know where a classmate is, please share this website with them. Click on their name, enter their email address and we will send the invitation.

You can send them an invite to this site. We have classmates right here in Grand Forks that are not on the website yet. The reason they are in the Missing Classmates section is that we can not add them. They need to do that themselves. Also if you know someone that is not getting updates it is becau se they have changed emails but not updated their profile with us. Thank you to all of you that are using the website. It is fun to see your updates.

There are lots of places to upload pictures. Under Share your thoughts we have a forum. We hope you check it out and add your favorite memories and teachers.

Please take a few minutes to visit In Memory section. It would be great if you added any personal stories about our friends who have passed on.

Here s a blast from the past!!

CHS class of 1970

Red River class of 1970

Class of 1972 did not hold a 40th reunion. They are in the process of planning a 45th reunion for this year.

Class of 1974–Central-1974/

This web site is under continuous construction, so please keep checking back for new and exciting features, information and announcements!

We all took different paths. But every dirt road we ve walkedwill lead us back to the friends that know us best.
The ones that will help you up and slap the dust off, without being asked.

This site isn t about waistlines, hairlines or credit lines.It s about lifelines.It s about reconnecting with our friends from some of the best years of our lives.

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