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Aug 31 2017

How to Convert Outlook Emails to PDF: Tutorial #archiving #emails #in #outlook


September 12, 2013

This brief tutorial shows how to freely convert Outlook emails to PDF files in Windows, without using expensive PDF conversion tools.

Converting emails to PDF 2 easy steps

1. Download install a free PDF virtual printer driver in your Windows system (NCH PDF Printer. Bullzip or PDF995 would do just fine, if you don t mind the ads of the free versions);
2. Restart Outlook, select the email you want to convert to PDF and choose to print it. On the printer selection window, select to print to the PDF driver that you ve just installed:

Your Outlook email will be converted to a PDF document, including the email header section. Unfortunately, there is no default method in Outlook to print only an email part (like a text selection), so Outlook will always convert the entire email to PDF.

If you need to convert to PDF only certain email parts, you can use the Print Selection feature of the Bells Whistles Outlook add-in, in conjunction with one of the above mentioned PDF conversion drivers.

  • I am having a problem with my Hotmail. As I click to access. February 5, 8:01 am by Rani Mitroo
  • I have 2 email accounts on outlook. For 1 account I cannot. February 12, 11:41 am by Fred
  • I could not find any of the programs listed here. but. January 14, 2:38 am by Gary Bisaga
  • For a much more reasonable resolution, try this instead: Run. January 14, 2:38 am by hussien
  • I’m so happy you made this blog post. I’ve been googling. September 5, 8:17 pm by Steven Spray
  • It automatically removes the duplicates during the extraction. October 2, 8:09 am by DS Dev
  • how does it handle duplicates? October 2, 8:09 am by Dave
  • This worked for me. Thanks! September 27, 10:19 am by Katinka Van Straaten
  • Hi there! I use outlook 2013 in a windows 10 pc and I. September 27, 10:19 am by David Alfonso Lobo F
  • You can also hold CTRL down when launching Outlook. A dialog. July 31, 4:47 pm by Mark Fulton

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