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Sep 8 2017

Master of Human Resource Management: Degree Overview #masters #degree #in #human #resource #management, #master #of #human #resource #management: #degree #overview

Master of Human Resource Management: Degree Overview

Master’s degree programs in human resource management are designed for bachelor’s degree holders – or those with proven work experience – who want to identify quality workers and match them to appropriate career positions.

Essential Information

Students in master’s degree programs in human resource management learn techniques for comparing applicants, creating employee training modules and promoting inner-office communications. They also develop skills at designing employee incentive packages, including benefits and competitive compensation. Graduates should have an understanding of local labor laws, conflict resolution strategies and human resources financial management, and they might be eligible for voluntary certification.

To enroll, students must have a bachelor’s degree and background in human resources or a related field. Work experience may also be required.

Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management

Human resource management master’s programs often teach topics on both a local and global scale. Most programs try to provide students with a broad understanding of all major human resource issues, but elective courses allow students to specialize in areas, such as advanced coaching strategies, organizational development or talent management. Core classes may include:

  • Financial management
  • Policy development
  • Human resource technology
  • Organizational behavior
  • Labor relations and conflict resolution strategies
  • Collective bargaining and negotiating

Possible Career Options

Graduates qualify to work within human resource departments at various organizations. Most human resource departments are comprised of several sub-departments, including recruitment, placement, training, benefits and safety management. Potential job titles for workers in this field may include:

  • Human resources director
  • Placement manager
  • International human resource manager
  • Benefits manager
  • Labor relations manager

Employment Outlook and Salary Information

From 2014 to 2024, human resources specialists were to see a 5% growth in jobs, according to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A 9% rise in employment opportunities was predicted for human resources managers. In 2015, the BLS reported that specialists made a median income of $58,350, while managers earned a median salary of $104,440. In the same year, labor relations specialists took home a median salary of $58,820.

Continuing Education and Certification

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that most workers in the human resources industry do not pursue degrees beyond the master’s degree level, but those interested in teaching college students or working as consultants can earn doctoral degrees.

To stay up-to-date in this field, professionals may need to take continuing education classes concerning changes to labor laws, technology trends or new employee training strategies.

Several organizations offer voluntary credentials designed specifically for human resources professionals. Candidates can earn industry certification in specialty fields, such as employee benefits, human resource management, training and employee assistance programs. According to the BLS, some programs award certification to applicants who have completed all necessary coursework and passed the assigned exams. Other programs may also require work experience. To recertify, applicants usually have to meet continued education coursework requirements or retake exams.

A master’s degree program in human resource management combines knowledge of human resources issues with a specialized area chosen by the student. Graduates of this program can find a career as a human resources director, international human resource manager, benefits manager, and other related human resource positions.

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