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Sep 30 2017

Mechanical Engineering Management #learn #mechanical #engineering #online


Mechanical Engineering Management

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It is a privilege to provide you with information about the engineering program at Grace College. Grace teams with Trine University in Angola, Indiana to offer the bachelor of engineering degree on the Grace College campus.

Grace, in partnership with Trine University, offers the Bachelor of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering management with an optional biomedical engineering management minor. The engineering degrees will take four years to complete.

Trine University is committed to having students explore, experience and excel in every area of engineering. Engineering is a broad field of study that students are increasingly choosing as a major. Engineers combine science and math to seek answers and find solutions to technical problems. Whether designing and creating a new product or working in testing, production and maintenance, engineering students seek to meet societal and consumer needs. The engineering program at Grace College allows students to use their creative ability combined with the latest technology to advance their school, city, state and country.

To learn more, see Trine s program details .


Examples of courses in this major:

CHM 1610 General Chemistry I

A course designed to give the student knowledge of the principles of general chemistry. Topics will include aspects of physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and qualitative and quantitative chemistry.

EG 1330 Technical Communication

Emphasizes clear writing and oral communication in professional instruction situations for technical fields. Concentration on project-orientation, which includes creating technical documents (email, reports, proposals, instructions, etc.) and adapting them to specific audiences and tasks.

MAE 3030 Mechanics of Machinery

Topics include the study of the kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms. Fundamentals of displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of rigid bodies as a basis for the study of mechanisms. Motion analysis of linkages, cams and gearing. Static and inertia force in machines. Balancing of rotating and reciprocating mass.

BME 4103 Intro to Biomechanics

An introduction to the kinematic geometry of human motion and the kinematics of individual human joints. Quantitative and qualitative descriptions of the action of muscles in relation to human and animal movement. Muscle models, receptors and reflexes with application to control of multi-joint movement. Forward and inverse dynamics of multi-joint, muscle-driven systems.


Some of the positions you can obtain in Mechanical Engineering Management with a Biomedical Minor:

Design, manufacturing, quality control, testing evaluation, research and development are some of the possible career choices for biomedical graduates. Some of the companies that are likely to recruit our graduates include:

  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Depuy Orthopedics
  • Eli Lilly
  • GE Medical
  • Paragon Medical
  • Smith Nephew
  • Stryker Howmedica Osteonics (Stryker Orthopedics)
  • Symmetry Medical

Some of the positions you can obtain in Mechanical Engineering Management:

Manufacturing, quality control, design and test engineering are some of the possible career choices for mechanical engineering graduates. Listed below are some of the companies that have hired recent graduates:

  • Applied Process
  • Caterpillar
  • Cooper Tire and Rubber
  • Dana
  • Easton Corp
  • Freudenburg-NOK
  • General Dynamics
  • General Motors
  • Harrison Steel
  • Hendrickson Suspension
  • Honda
  • Ingersoll-Rand
  • International Truck
  • Lockheed-Martin
  • KPS Satellite
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Ultra Electronics
  • U. S. Steel

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