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Sep 30 2017

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Free time management training course

Hello I’m Peter Tattersall

If you’re
– overloaded with emails
– buried under a mountain of things to do
– and don’t have time to do a time management course.

You’re in the right place.

Because I’d like to give you the 7 absolutely essential time management skills you must have, in 3 minute modules

Then you can:
Save time every day
Handle pressure and
Reduce stress

The 3 minute modules arrive every 3 days for 3 weeks. And the course is free!

It’s free because, although I’ve trained thousands of people, for the past 20 years, you probably don’t know me from Adam. Or Eve. No forget the Eve bit.

So I want to earn the right to work with you. And to do that I’m offering you my Essential Time Management course – completely free.

Is that OK? Great So here’s the details:

Actually if you don’t need any more details, and you want to get started right away, just pop over to the right here where it says 1 Free Place. Otherwise, stay with me, because here’s the details.

Module 1
How to Manage Your Email

Imagine how relaxed you’d feel if you could finish work every day feeling completely in control of your Email? You wouldn’t have to worry that something really important was buried in hundreds of other emails.

You would be certain that you haven’t missed something vital that needed a response today. And best of all, when you stop work, you can walk away with a sense of real achievement.

No more annoying thoughts buzzing around in your head after work, about you emails you should have read at work. No more eyes flying open in the middle of the night because you forgot to reply to that really crucial email.

So, if you’d like to end your working day with a sense of achievement, and be free from unnecessary worry, I’ll show you how in this module.

Module 2
How To Pull the Plug on Pressure

Does your boss put you under pressure? Especially when they’re under pressure. Pressure can be absolutely fine. It can give you the boost you need to get things done on time.

But if it builds up in your head like a pressure cooker. And you feel like you’re going to explode, and sometimes do, it’s time to pull the plug. To let that scolding hot steam out into the cool air, and get back your ability to think straight, and do the right things.

I can show you how to do that, long before pressure builds up in you to boiling point. Because if you don’t, it can not only damage your productivity, it could also harm your relationships with people around you.

Or you might make mistakes that take time to put right. Wasted time, just when you need all the time you could get. Over time, a poor response to pressure can make you ill. And it’s made some people seriously ill.

So handling pressure -effectively – is absolutely vital to your wellbeing, satisfaction and happiness at work. So that’s what we’ll do in this module. I’ll share with you some leading edge thinking to manage your pressure, really effectively.

If that’s enough detail about the course for you, get started straight away. Just pop your first name and email into the box on the right. Then click the YES PLEASE button. Or for more detail, this is what you’ll get from

Module 3
Organise Overload and Get Control

Are buried in tons of small details?
Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight and volume of all the things you have to do? No wonder its more appealing to have a bit of distraction.

To have a chat or go off and to your favourite website for a bit. You might even be able to save the world while you’re there. It’s just a shame the work is all still there when you come back. And with even more things to do.

So if you’re buried by a mountain of details you’ll be worried by questions like: “Is there something I should be doing that I don’t know about”.
“Is there something buried in there that I’ve forgotten about?”

And if you’re trying to rely on your memory, don’t. It will let you down. Instead use my system to take control of both the big picture and the little details.

I’ll show how to see your work from the top of the mountain. From here it will be much clearer what you need to do. Which details to swoop in on and deal with right now, those that can be left for later, and details to be dropped all together.

Then not only will you save all the energy you would have wasted being anxious and stressed, you’ll be much more effective too. So if you’d like to become more organised and less chaotic. If you’d like to feel less anxious and more certain, I will show you how in this module.

Are you constantly trying to work faster and faster. Trying to get everything done today? And then doing the same the next day? And the next day? If you are there’s a much better way. I’ll show you how to open up time, create space, and give you greater control of your time.

If you’re on treadmill of relentless activity, and show you how to balance activity time and thinking time. Just a little bit of thinking time can save you a huge amount of activity time. So in this module I’ll show you how to resist the temptation to plough on regardless, and get stuck in the mud.

Because as soon as you say to yourself “I haven’t got time to manage my time”, an awful lot of time is going to get wasted. Mistakes. Mix ups. And missed deadlines. So find out how to become a time lord in this module.

Module 5
Get On With What You Put Off

Do you put things you off that you really should be doing? Well, you’re not alone. Most people put off the stuff they most need to do. Stuff that really should be done. Right now. But isn’t.

This has the inevitable result- a last minute rush because now there’s a crisis. A self created crisis.
Why oh why do people do that?
Find out the psychology that leads to this and how you can avoid it in this module.

Module 6
How To Turn Nightmares Into Dreams

Has your life ever felt like a nightmare? Suddenly everything seems to be going wrong? And you’ve got serious, major challenges?I’ve been through many nightmare scenarios. And each one has been painful and unpleasant– to begin with.

What I managed to do, with the technique I’m going to teach you, is to completely turn around these situations.

So if you’re facing a nightmare yourself right now. Or worry that you might be in the future, given the tough economic times we’re going through, I can help you.

I’ll show you how I turned one of my worst nightmares into a dream come true. Every crisis contains an opportunity. However, I know how incredibly hard it is to feel positive in these situations. So here’s the great news – you don’t have to.

Believe me. Park the expectation that you need to be jumping up and down with enthusiasm
– when you really feel like a sack of sugar. Isn’t it hard enough without worrying that you should be doing some positive thinking?

The greatest joy I’ve felt, and the biggest successes I’ve had, began with stress, pain and pessimism. So I’ll share with you my story, so you’ll know how to turn things around too. If and when you need to.

Module 7
How Organised Are You?

By answering 6 quick and simple questions you’ll discover 2 things about yourself:

1 How well organized you are now, and
2 What you need to get better at

Then you’ll know where to go from here, and what the next step could be. For you.

So there you have it. The details of the 7, 3 minutes modules I’m giving you in my Essential Time Management course.

The only question left for you is this – are you prepared to invest:
3 minutes every
3 days for
3 weeks?

Because if you are, you’ll get better and better at:

1 Saving time
2 Handling pressure and
3 Reducing stress

And that could make a big difference for you. Is that a Yes? Fantastic.
Come and join me right now and, and we’ll get started straight away.
Just put your first name and email into the box on your right here.

Then click the YES PLEASE button. And I’ll see you there.

Peter Peter Tattersall Managing Director Training Training Ltd
Registered in England Wales Company Number: 06045051

1 Free Place

Apply now for your FREE course place and.

  1. Save time every day
  2. Reduce stress
  3. Save money – it’s free

Pop your details into the box, click the Yes Please button and join Peter, right now, on the Essential Time Management course.

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