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Oct 2 2017

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Multi DNSBL-check: look up an IP address in DNS blackhole lists

Check an IP v4 internet address against a selected number of common public DNS-based blackhole lists to see if it is blacklisted as a public spam source (also called Multi-DNSBL or Multi-RBL check). These block lists are maintained and operated by various organizations to fight mail abuse by UBE/UCE spam.

Please note: This is just an interactive online tool to look at these DNSBL lists. These lists are not hosted on this server, WE are not ‘blocking’ your mail traffic to the internet, we do NOT maintain any of these lists and can NOT remove anything. Of course, NONE of these DNSBLs is blocking your mail traffic to the internet, either. However, your recipient’s mail server admin may have chosen to refuse to accept mails from spam sources by referencing one of these lists, though.
Each DNSBL is individually maintained. For any removal follow the link in the output to the homepage of the respective DNSBL maintainer and read the published instructions carefully.
This online service is for private non-commercial use only. Please do not abuse. No bots.

The following remote lists are checked by this online lookup service:,,, CBL (Composite Block List),, VIRBL (Virus BL),, DNS Black Hole List,, iX NiX Spam DNSBL,, SORBS (Spam and Open Relay Blocking System),, SpamCannibal,, SCBL (SpamCop Blocking List),, SBL (Spamhaus Block List), verified spam sources,, XBL (Exploits Blocklist),, PBL (Spamhaus Policy Block List), end-user IP ranges,, UCEPROTECT BL,, UCEPROTECT BL,, UCEPROTECT BL,, Weighted Private BL,, a Whitelist to protect against false positives,

Here is a short description about how a DNSBL works.

Please, let me know if you like this service, if anything is not working as expected, or if you want more lists to be added .

Inclusion of a DNSBL to be checked here does not imply any endorsement or recommendation to use that list in your own productive spam fighting environment.

Checking of the following lists has been suspended. unfortunately :
— – – AHBL (Abusive Hosts Blocking List) – shut down 2014-03-29
— – – AHBL (Abusive Hosts Blocking List) – shut down 2014-03-29
— – – NJABL (Not Just Another Bogus List) – shut down 2013-03-01
— – – NJABL (Not Just Another Bogus List) – shut down 2013-03-01
— – – Dr. Joergen Mash’s DNSbl
— – – – retired.
— – dynamic ranges and spam sent to traps – apparently out of service, 2009-01-20.
— – – DSBL (Distributed Sender Blackhole List) – servers temporarily out of service, timeouts, 2008-06-03.
— – – DNS Black Hole List – timeouts and unreachable, 2008-05-25.
— – – SPAM blocking blackhole list – not public anymore, 2008-01-05.
— – – Apews (Anonymous Postmasters Early Warning System), Level 2 – folded and no longer with uceprotect, 2007-08.
— – – BL – found dead, domain not resolving since 2007-05-27
— – – Australian DNSBL – they are firewalling this innocent script (2007-02-17), yikes. leading to meaningless negatives.
— – – ORDB (Open Relay Database) – closed on 2006-12-18.
— – – BLARS block list – on 2006-12-13 for no longer existing (website parked at GoDaddy).
— – – KropkaRBL – on 2006-10-05 for answering too slow: 18 sec, has shut down now.
— – – Spews (Spam Prevention Early Warning System), Level 1 – dead 2006-08.
— – – Spews (Spam Prevention Early Warning System), Level 2 – dead 2006-08.
— – – Open Proxy Monitor list – dead 2006-05.
— – – RangersBL – dead.

Recommended books about Networking .

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