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Nov 9 2017

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Used Car Donations

Which Charities Accept Car Donations

In this day and age, it seems most charities have relationships with companies that support car donation programs. If you are not sure if your favorite charity accepts donations of used vehicles, you can do a search for the charity name and car donation. If the charities website comes up as the first result, than chances are they will take your car or truck as a donation. If you don’t see your charities website, you may need to click the top few results to see if the charity has partnered with another organization that runs the car donation program.

One thing to check when donating a vehicle is if the organization is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. In order to receive a tax deduction for donating anything, this has to be the case. You can check to see if the charity does have the proper organizational status by searching its name on the Exempt Organizations Select Check at

Some of the most recognizable charities that have auto donation programs are listed below.

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    Big Brothers Big Sisters Cars for Kids Sake helps raise funds to continue their mission to provide children facing adversity with role models that change their lives for the better.
  • American Diabetes Association
    The American Diabetes Association works to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Your donation will help to further this mission.
  • Boy Scouts of America
    Donating your old vehicle to Boy Scouts of America will help provide youth the opportunity to experience scouting.
  • The Yellow Ribbon Coalition
    This organization provides financial, education, employment, and housing assistance to U.S. veterans

Above are just a few of the top national charities with car donation programs. We will be updating this list with more used car donation websites as we find and review them. You can find more charities in your area by clicking on your state from the list below.

Find a Charity to Donate Your Vehicle

Car Donation Tips & Facts

Most used car donation programs will take both running and non-running cars as donations.

Vehicle Donation Video

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