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Nov 30 2017

Meeting Room Scheduling The Easy Way!

Meeting Room Manager is without a doubt the easiest to use meeting room booking system available today.

No matter the size of your organisation, Meeting Room Manager will transform the way you schedule rooms and resources and organise catering, equipment and services. From its choice of client interfaces – web browser, MS Outlook and LCD Panels – to its flexible configuration options and powerful customisation capabilities, Meeting Room Manager lets you work the way you want.

Meeting Room Scheduling for Everyone

Meeting Room Manager is a dream come true for anyone who schedules meetings and anyone who has to attend them. Your users can now:

  • View available rooms and resources by location, date and time.
  • Search for rooms and resources by location, availability and features and instantly reserve them.
  • Arrange for equipment, catering or setup services at the same time as booking a meeting space.
  • Create one-time, regularly recurring or arbitrarily recurring meetings, or book multi-room reservations with distinct service requests.
  • Generate invitations and service requests automatically, so you re prepared long before the meeting happens.

Multiple Interfaces: Web Browser, MS Outlook and LCD Panels

You ll have the tools to schedule meetings through Microsoft Outlook, via a web browser or even on LCD panels. With Meeting Room Manager, everyone across your organization is literally on the same page.

Meeting Room Manager was specifically designed to integrate and work seamlessly with Outlook to provide scheduling capabilities far beyond those of Outlook alone. Meeting Room Manager addresses the more sophisticated requirements that Microsoft Outlook simply can t handle like organising meeting across multiple locations or planning meetings with equipment, catering or other service requirements.

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