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Nov 30 2017

REACH Leadership Academy Riverside California #leadership #survey



What s in a Name? From STEM to STEAM: STEAM = STEM + the Arts. STEAM is a framework for teaching across disciplines. Science and Technology are taught through the framework of Engineering and the Arts all of which are based in Mathematical elements. STEAM is an educational framework that ties the various disciplines together and brings reality into the classroom. All students are able to access the curriculum and participate in project-based activities regardless of achievement levels. STEAM builds technical and human-related skills and is the natural way of integrating intellectual processes. (Korea adopted STEAM as a new way of teaching nationally, from Kindergarten -12th grade).

Project Lead the Way Launch (PLTW)

Project Lead the Way Launch teaches K-5 students to use computational skills, engineering design, and the scientific method to sort, predict, and explain data while finding solutions to relevant, real-world issues. Students are introduced to Biomedical and Computer Science pathways and apply STEM knowledge and habits of mind as they learn, explore, and grow in their knowledge and understanding of how the world around us works. REACH is one of 2 dozen schools who are piloting 12 modules for PLTW Launch in the 2014-15 school year.

Team Focus

REACH Leadership Academy is the product of a highly motivated, very dedicated group of experienced educators, parents, business leaders, and community members who have been instrumental in developing REACH into a school of choice, innovation, and accountability. REACH team members are dedicated to bridging the achievement gap for at-risk students by empowering them to be life-long learners and responsible citizens -equipped to meet the demands of a global economy. The entire REACH Team holds a shared belief that all students deserve the highest quality education and is accountable to ensuring that REACH implements a strategic educational program, operates in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner, and executes effective governance to deliver on its mission of placing every student on the path to college beginning in kindergarten.


REACH Leadership Academy is an independent charter school which provides a tuition free, nonsectarian, public education to Riverside and its surrounding communities. In addition to operational autonomy and flexibility over budget and programming, REACH is held to a much higher level of accountability for student achievement than traditional public schools. The REACH team embraces this accountability and believes it is a powerful engine that drives results.

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