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Jan 11 2018

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ndt jobs

Membership is available to individuals companies who have an interest in non-destructive testing or wish to keep informed about condition monitoring, diagnostic engineering, or materials and quality testing in general. Membership is also an excellent way to play an active role in the Institute and related industries in Australasia.

  • Regular editions of the AINDT Journal
  • Discounted certification fees
  • Free and discounted advertising on the AINDT website
  • Technical advice
  • Membership discounts for Corporate Sustaining member employees

AINDT Certification Scheme

AINDT is recognised internationally and holds third-party JAS-ANZ accreditation for its certification scheme to meet the requirements of ISO17024, ISO9712, ISO20807 & ISO18436. AINDT has played a leading role in the harmonisation of NDT personnel certification schemes in the SE Asia region, and continues to be a leader globally in all aspects of NDT and CM certification.

NDT CM Certification

The need for competent NDT & CM practitioners is paramount in all industries. In order to ensure compliance with ISO9712, ISO18436 & ISO17024, systems have been developed to ensure that NDT/CM personnel have appropriate training, have passed written and practical examinations (as required), and have enough experience to perform NDT tasks using the applicable test method or technique.

Certification Search

Interested parties are encouraged to utilise the Certification Search Tool which can be found HERE to verify AINDT certification issued in compliance with complying with ISO9712, ISO25107 & ISO18436

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