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Jan 18 2018

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Booking Calendar

Compare with previous reservation templates I posted, this booking calendar is created with relatively different approach. This reservation template is having month layout, like monthly calendar layout. So, you can check or manage your booking by viewing the availability month by month.

Hotel room booking

And I created this booking calendar for hotel booking purposes. If you already downloaded my previous hotel booking template, you will see the different. You can put all room information down along the column because the period layout is column based. But, this one has a calendar layout which mean you cannot put your room information down along the column. So, you have to put your room information in room booking worksheet.

In this worksheet, you can put type of the room and room detail. For example, you have 4 Standard Rooms, 3 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Superior Rooms and 1 Suite Room. Put that information in corresponding table. After that you can break down each room in the table below room type column.

Hotel room booking

You can see how the room displayed in Calendar worksheet. You can set your booking period by selecting the month and fill the year. And you can select whether you want to see room availability based on room type or room detail. If you select room type , you will see numbers inside the calendar that represent the availability of rooms with that type. If the cells turn red, it means the rooms are not available. If you select room number , the calendar will display the availability of that room where if the room is available it will show you number 1 (not blue color due to conditional formatting limitation). If the cell is red, it means the room is not available. If the cell is yellow, it means the room is double booking.

Hotel room booking

There is a scroll bar to scroll between rooms, since the maximum room availability that can be displayed is four. And the same with the previous hotel reservation template, once your customer agreed with the time, you can go back to room booking worksheet to fill your customer detail information.

You can read my previous hotel reservations spreadsheet. And if you are clear enough with above short explanation 🙂 you download the file here.

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