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Jan 20 2018

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This is the world we live at TGI Fridays. Unique ingredients, precision and quality of work, service and experience. Do you want to move on the gastronomy? Offer people the originality? Do you want to experience this atmosphere? Don´t hesitate to contact us.

  • Tgi fridays careers

American cuisine is not just a celebration of juicy burgers and steaks. TGI Fridays offers an authentic experience of a combination of western flavors, a unique meat in the south and Tex-Mex delicacies. Each plate from the hands of our chefs is served for a unique experience of food to our guests.

  • Tgi fridays careers


    Not only a wonderful gourmet dining experience is offered to our guests at TGI Fridays but also a celebration of American cuisine served people every day around the world, pleasant atmosphere, friendly approach and upgraded service guarantee a unique time spend at TGI Fridays. Our employees are a team that does not spoil any fun.

  • Tgi fridays careers


    Legendary TGI Fridays World Bartender Championship is a famous competition known around the world. Competition to find the best in the country, region and the world. As a part of our TGI Fridays bartender team you can test your bartender skills against other top bartenders.

    Tgi fridays careers

    Cook with us

    Are you interested in American cuisine? It is more than just burgers and fries. Can you really work with grill and wooden spoon? Maybe we are looking for you. Join our team of cooks and give joy of eating with us.

    Tgi fridays careers

    Become our waiter/waitress

    Do you want to give people a wonderful gourmet experience and pleasant atmosphere? Are you looking for a long term job with passion and challenge? Make the step forward with us. Join our TGI Fridays team.

    Tgi fridays careers

    Be a TGI Fridays bartender

    Are you interested in tasty and fun drinks? Can you make a classics and give a good recommendation to a customer? Be our bartender and server fun, experience and of course your bartender show to our customers. Be a part of TGI Fridays team.

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