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Jan 20 2018

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Why get a Hospitality Job?

If you are contemplating getting a new job in the hospitality sector, here are three reasons we think you should:

There are many different roles to consider when looking for a job in the hospitality industry. As you can see from the jobs on this website, there are many different types of roles to choose from. You could work as a Chef, or work in tourism, or perhaps work in office administration. Still not sure? how about working in IT, or on a cruise ship, or perhaps being a tour guide or even a sales rep? The huge variety of job positions in the hospitality industry means everyone can find a job to match their interests. The job variety ensures you can never get stuck in one niche as there is always another job available to choose from.

Working in hospitality can be a great way to earn money yet at the same time get to visit different places around the world or within your country. For example you could work in many different restaurants around the world and get to experience different cuisine and cultures. You could also work as a tour guide or how about an air steward and travel from country to country.

People always go on holiday, need to sleep and eat, so this means there will always be jobs in the industry. This means if you spend time studying and gain qualifications in hospitality then it s a safe bet and you can rest assured that your qualifications will not go to waste.

FAQ for Candidates:

Q: Will this site help me find a good job in the hospitality industry?

A: Yes! We have hundreds of jobs listed, covering a wide range of specialist hospitality job positions such as Sommelier, F B Manager and Spa Manager to name a few. You can either find a specific job by searching for it in the box above, or by using the category drop down option to filter the available jobs by category type.

Q: I want to write a personalised message / cover letter as well as attaching my CV when I apply for a job, is that possible?

A: Yes! When you apply for a job, simply fill out the form we provide when you click the Apply button and you will get to an area to upload your CV and write your cover letter. If you already have a cover letter written in Word or PDF, simply copy the text into the box on screen to include it in your application.

Q: Do you offer any CV writing tips and guidelines?

FAQ for Recruiters:

Q: How popular is this site and will I find a candidate for my job vacancy here?

A: This website is ranked highly on Google/Yahoo/Bing search engines and receives a large volume of hits from candidates looking to find their perfect job, post a job and see for yourself, it s free for a basic job post to get your position on the site.

Q: I want to promote the job I have on offer, how can I do this?

A: Posting a job is free, however if you wish to promote your job to drive more views and applications, you should think about posting the job as Premium or Home page listed job, both of these options will drive more candidates to your job post.

Q: Do you offer discount for bulk job posts?

A: We certainly do, get in touch with us and we can offer you a better price if you wish to post multiple jobs at once.

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