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Feb 8 2018

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Milwaukee, WI, cheap car insurance in wisconsin.#Cheap #car #insurance #in #wisconsin

Cheap car insurance in wisconsin

Cheap car insurance in wisconsin

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Cheap car insurance in wisconsin

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Cheap Car Insurance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Need to know more about Milwaukee and how to obtain cheap car insurance? Well, Milwaukee is a city in the state of Wisconsin that was incorporated in 1846. The city was originally established as a stop on the fur trade and is located along Lake Michigan. Milwaukee has gained a reputation for its abundant breweries and diverse selection of sports teams.

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Driving Conditions in Milwaukee

Road conditions in Milwaukee are often treacherous because of heavy snowfall, ice and other slippery situations. The city has been deemed to have the worst roads in the Midwest by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The organization has found that an astounding 71 percent of the city’s roads can be considered to be in mediocre or poor condition.

Unique Laws in Milwaukee

Drivers in Wisconsin should be careful when they notice livestock approaching a road. State law requires drivers to allow livestock to have the right-of-way. However, the person who is responsible for livestock is expected to be careful when allowing animals to cross the road.

Milwaukee Crime Statistics

In 2015, according to the FBI, 7,380 vehicles were reported stolen, and 25,602 property crimes were reported.

Milwaukee Vehicle and Driving Safety Requirements

Information collected by the Governors Highway Safety Association lets drivers know about applicable laws in the state in which they are driving.

Seat Belt Law

All drivers, as well as all passengers over age 4, must wear a seat belt. Children under 4 must be riding in an approved child safety seat or restraint system.

Cellphone Law

Use of a handheld or hands-free cellphone while driving is against the law in Wisconsin for any driver with a probationary license or instruction permit, except to report an emergency, according to the state Department of Transportation. All drivers in Wisconsin are prohibited from texting while driving.

Helmet Law

In Wisconsin, motorcycle operators and passengers under age 17 must wear a helmet.

Impaired Driving Law

If a Wisconsin driver is convicted for the first time of operating while intoxicated (OWI), as a result of either alcohol or drugs, the fine is $150 to $300, plus a $450 OWI surcharge. In addition, the driver s license is revoked for six to nine months. For alcohol-related OWI, the limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 percent. Any driver with at least three previous OWI convictions cannot operate a motor vehicle if the BAC is more than 0.02 percent.

Wisconsin drivers under age 21 must maintain absolutely sobriety, meaning they face criminal charges if they re caught with any amount of alcohol in their systems.

Cheap car insurance in wisconsin

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