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Feb 13 2018

TeleTech Reviews in Uniontown, PA

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TeleTech Uniontown Reviews

I used to praise TeleTech, used to is the key word. I was on a project that i very much liked and it was a TeleTech owned company. Until Teletech sold that company and the project shut down. I like the work on the new project, just not how it is ran. The work is a challenge, which is a plus for me. This is a good company if you like constant change and new challenges. The projects are always updating how they run their companies and what is expected of us. And if you don t care too much for the current work, no worries cause it won t be long before that project is closed and your shipped off to a new one, to start over again.

The flexibility in schedules just isn t what they claim it to be. I have seen requests for time off be put in 3+ months ahead of the time needed and still are denied. Its always the companies needs over any need the employees have. That is because they are very understaffed. The ability to move up in the company really isn t as open as they claim it to be. I had to wait for over a year before any positions for advancement opened on my last project and now that is gone, only time will tell before advancement oppertunites are available on this current one.

Advice to Management

Your time may be better spent working on making sure that the employees are satisfied in their work rather than just head hunting to cut costs.

Good pay and if you work very hard you ll be able to climb up b/c the turnover is very high. So, if your objective is to simply sit down in a chair and get paid it isn t a good place to work because your metrics are being carefully tracked every single minute of every single hour and there is little room to hide and pass the day away while not performing any work.

Very busy all of the time and absolutely no work / family life balance. So – if you aren t too worried about having lots of personal time on the weekends go ahead and sign up.

Advice to Management

Keep up with the meritocracy but also remember there is a cost to turnover.

This really depends on the type of job you are applying for. If you are working in IT there are opportunities to learn new technologies and skills that can benefit you in your future career.

orking in IT there is no life/work balance at all. Working overtime isn t an occassional occurance and getting paged almost every night while you are in bed sleeping isn t uncommon. It is an extremely stressful company to work for and their compensation practices are not fair. Being promoted doesn t ensure that you will get much or any salary increase. Even if you are an outstanding employee others doing the same job can be making an entire pay grade higher than you. The bonus structure for IT was a joke at least for those of us who were not working out of the corporate headquarters in Denver. We were frequently understaffed and a yearly reduction in workforce was quite common and did nothing to help improve the employee morale.

Advice to Management

Look for alternate ways to cut costs other than cutting positions. Be more careful in putting together contracts with clients so that you aren t saying you can deliver something that you can t. Better teamwork and communicationbetween corporate IT and those working out at the sites needs to be addressed.

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