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Mar 6 2018

Costs of Liposuction

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If you take a quick survey of the many liposuction/cosmetic surgery websites currently on the Internet, you’ll find that the cost of liposuction can vary greatly across the US, but generally boils down to three primary factors:

  1. the area(s) of the body to be treated (with the size of the patient and the amount of time the doctor will need to invest being the primary considerations),
  2. the fee for the anesthesiologist’s services, and
  3. the cost of the operating facility/or hospital and supportive/nursing staff. Other costs routinely include pre-op lab fees (blood work or other tests), cost of the elastic compression garments you’ll need, medications and prescriptions, and any specialized technology that may be used.

However, other variables that can affect price include the experience of the surgeon (those who consistently achieve outstanding results often charge more) and geographic location (in areas of the country where rent and labor costs are higher, one can expect to pay higher prices for liposuction).

Taking into consideration all standard costs (including doctor’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, the operating facility fee and other typical charges), the US national average cost of liposuction in one area of the body is $4000. Liposuction in three areas of the body can range from $6000 to $8000, and in five areas, as high as $11,000. (Because most plastic surgeons offer “package deals” whereby a patient can have multiple areas treated while paying a flat fee for the operating facility and anesthesia, many choose this option.)

Table 1 Cost of Liposuction, 2014

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