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Mar 14 2018

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2016 Election Center

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Find all of our data and analysis about youth voting in the 2016 presidential election from the primaries all the way to November. We provide exclusive estimates of youth voter turnout and the most up-to-date numbers on youth share and youth vote choice. The Election Center also includes data maps, important media narratives, and other resources for understanding and contextualizing young people’s political participation.

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The RAYSE Index: A New Tool with County-Level Data on the Potential to Improve Youth Engagement

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Our new RAYSE Index brings data to bear on efforts to broaden access to youth engagement opportunities. The comparative county-level data can provide research-based support for making the case that engagement has a high potential for growth and for making decisions about where to invest resources (e.g. time, resources, funding).

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CIRCLE Talks Youth Voting at Brookings Institution

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A week after the election, CIRCLE joined with the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. to host The Millennial Vote in 2016: What Happened and What’s Next? We shared our comprehensive data on the role young people played in the most recent general election, and talked with organizers and journalists about strategies for youth political engagement going forward. See full video of the event here!

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CIRCLE 2016 Millennial Poll: Full Analysis

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This analysis, based on our poll of Millennials and the 2016 election, takes a deep look at this most diverse generation in American history and explores how they’re reacting to and engaging with this year s historic presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It finds deep divisions along racial and ethnic lines, a common skepticism about the political system, but a shared sense of the importance of the presidential election.

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CIRCLE is seeking a Senior Researcher with deep backgrounds in quantitative research methodologies, and varied experience in planning and executing research projects of various scales, independently and as part of a professional team. The Senior Researcher will be a Tufts University employee and will work in the main CIRCLE office on the Tufts campus in Read More

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