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May 30 2018

DIGITAL CLINIC, data recovery clinic.#Data #recovery #clinic



We specialize in repair Apple computer s, We fix iMac, MacBook, Mac-Mini, Mac-Air, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. We Repair WindowsPC desktop and laptop computer. We repair cellular phones, tablets and other portable electronics. We unlock Cell-Phones as well.

Data recovery clinic

High Quality, Affordable Repair Service.

Monday – Friday 11AM – 7PM, Saturday 11AM – 5PM. Sunday – closed.

2515 West Carson St., Torrance, CA 90503.

(TORRANCE PLAZA – Carson St. and Crenshaw Blvd.)

If your Apple Computer or your WindowsPC – has one of the syndrome described below, or suffer for any other reason:


Failure to boot OS – missed drivers, corrupted files, etc.

Caught the virus infection – system working slow or freezes randomly

Overheat, randomly turns off – need maintenance or repair

Missing keys, keyboard or touch pad malfunction

Not charging – DC jack , MotherBo ard or Power Adapter damaged

Cracked screen or other display malfunctions

Damaged top cover, bezel or broken hinges

Get sick after shower – we will cure it!

Safe money – get your computer recover for less.

Data recovery clinic

We fix cellphones, smartphones, tablets, notes, and similar portable devices as well.

– Phone screen repair

– Charging port repair

– Speaker, Microphone replace

– Smartphone Battery replace

– Headphone jack replace

– On/Off, Volume, Home button

– Water damage repair, etc.

Data recovery clinic

Data recovery clinic

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