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Jun 7 2018

Home Security Systems in California: Who – s the Best?

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Home Security Systems in California: Who s the Best?

California State and Crime Statistics

As of 2013, California has a state-wide population of 37,691,912. Popular cities include: Anaheim, Bakersfield, Fresno, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and San Jose.

  • California annual vIolent crimes. 154,944
  • California annual property crimes. 973,901
  • Violent crimes per 1,000 residents. 4.11 (National median 3.9)
  • Chances at becoming a victim of crime. 1 in 243
  • Property crimes per 1,000 residents. 25.84 (National median 29.1)
  • Chances at becoming a property crime victim. 1 in 39
  • Total burglaries. 230,090 (6.10 per thousand)
  • Total thefts: 596,963 (15.84 per thousand)
  • Crimes per square mile. 85

Reasons to Have a Home Security System in California

  • Protect Your Home and Family Keep yourself and loved ones safe from intruders, fires, floods, carbon monoxide poisoning and other home hazards. Security systems can really play a major part in protecting you. With wildfire prone California, it s essential you don t forget this is an added bonus to have an extra layer of safety. You ll also ensure your valuables are secure and you can keep an eye on your home remotely.
  • Save Money Living in California, especially in major cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, is expensive. Save on homeowner s insurance and increase your home value for resale when you install a home security system. You can also significantly reduce energy consumption in your home with home automation, something especially handy for inland California s warmer climate areas, where you ve got the A/C cranking many months of the year.
  • Quick Response Because homes with monitored security systems installed have a quicker emergency response time, they cut out the middle man and directly contact authorities for faster dispatch. This includes getting medical attention quickly.
  • 360 Coverage To secure less frequented areas of the home such as the basement and the garage, many people with valuable cars in California often forget they have valuables stored in other places outside their home. Install an outdoor security camera so you can see who is at the front door without going close to it.
  • 24/7 Monitoring Having a monitored home alarm system means you do not have to depend upon neighbors to watch over and protect your home while you are on vacation. Nothing is worse than being stressed out while away. A monitored alarm has a central monitoring station monitoring your home for an intrusion 24/7. If a break-in is detected, law enforcement will be deployed to your home and you will be notified.

Who Are the Best Security Companies in California?

There are many security companies, some which operate nationally and others that service only local areas. We divide up your search by national and local companies. For the local companies, you ll want to drill down to the city you live in for targeted results.


Looking for the best home security systems in California? The best time to install a home alarm is when you first move in. This minimizes risks and invasion into your personal time and space. And wireless, do it yourself (DIY) installation options make it easy and stress free to set up a security system at any stage of your life. California has a range of companies that offer home alarm systems. Below we list our top three national security system providers for the Golden State.

Visit our Best Home Security Systems page to see why these companies are our winners.


To find the best security company for your state, we recommend you click on your city or area to see reviews of local alarm companies we ve covered in your area:

Home Security Advice for California Residents

  • Moving Your Home Alarm System Thanks to wireless home alarm systems, you can easily move and reinstall your security system as a result of your renovations or relocation. Here are some easy to follow steps and tips for how to make the most of your move.
  • Home Alarms 101 Sure many people are talking about getting a home alarm system. But for those that have never had one, how does a home alarm system work? Don t worry, we ve put together this home security system 101 tutorial for you.
  • How Secure is Your Current Home. Get to know your neighbors and become part of the local neighborhood watch. Each of these steps is described in more detail below.

California Surveillance Laws

As you can imagine, California has many high-profile residents, celebrities and notable businesspeople who reside there, so having access to alarm systems and surveillance systems to prevent things like stalking incidents and to protect these individual s privacy. There are however a few laws to keep in mind specific to California.

Similar to the U.S. constitution, California has it s own Constitution and a section called the Declaration of Rights which grants certain places like the workplace, schools and the state governments to be protected. However one is in violation of this law if the surveillance is either an intrusion or it is a breach of personal privacy. For instance, having a camera with out any signage in a workplace or installing a camera in a restroom versus at the entrance. So if you have a small business in the state, you might want to ensure you are not violating any laws.

Another thing that is good to know as a resident, there are 37 California cities whose law enforcements have installed surveillance systems in public areas. They do this to monitor these high-traffic or crowded areas to protect the general public from harm. Part of the act allows the public to have access to any of the footage at anytime. So be on the lookout if you happen to be doing something you shouldn t be and caught on tape in one of the major cities in the state.

Additional Security Tips for Californians

What other tips do you have or would you recommend to others looking to install a home security system in the state or considering a move to California? Let us know by commenting below. We always love to hear what our readers have to say. And as always, no matter where you life, stay safe everyone!

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