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Jun 21 2018

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reno attorney

Reno attorney

Meet the Reno, NV Family Law A+ Team

At the Law Office of Marilyn D. York, our special areas of expertise are getting the best possible divorce settlement for our clients and protecting them before, during and after the divorce. In that, we are the assiduous (hence A+) team. Legal teams that claim they will aggresively represent you or will fight for you sound one dimensional. We are assiduous: hard-working, attentive, diligent, tenacious, industrious, scrupulous, studious, unflagging, untiring, zealous and yes we will also aggressively fight for you where your case needs it but we are so much more than that.

We protect all of our clients’ rights on issues likely to arise in a divorce case, including:

Equal custody More visitation

Paternity testing Asset protection

Preventing move-aways Opposing restraining orders

Terminating parental rights Fair child/spousal support

All other issues of family law

Our practice is focused on securing men s rights. Even though most Nevada laws, as written, do not discriminate against men, courts often seem to favor women in their decisions. This bias is common in family courts around the globe, and is rooted in human history. It usually takes great effort by a legal counsel to secure fair rights for fathers to be able to maintain a constant and vital presence in their children s lives.

We at the Law Office of Marilyn D. York know how truly important it is for children to grow up with both parents raising them, even if the family has been fractured by a parental split. That s why we fight so hard for our clients. The greatest beneficiaries of a just court settlement are not only the fathers we represent, but their children.

Protecting the children is my main concern and cases where I can

improve a child s life are always my highest priority.

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Reno attorney

Reno attorney

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