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Jul 3 2018

Recruiting, Define recruiting at, recruiting jobs.#Recruiting #jobs


a newly enlisted or drafted member of the armed forces.

a new member of a group, organization, or the like.

Definition of recruit (continued)

a fresh supply of something.

verb (used with object)

to enlist (a person) for service in one of the armed forces.

to raise (a force) by enlistment.

to strengthen or supply (an armed force) with new members.

to furnish or replenish with a fresh supply; renew.

to renew or restore (the health, strength, etc.).

to attempt to acquire the services of (a person) for an employer: She recruits executives for all the top companies.

to attempt to enroll or enlist (a member, affiliate, student, or the like): a campaign to recruit new club members.

to seek to enroll (an athlete) at a school or college, often with an offer of an athletic scholarship.

verb (used without object)

to enlist persons for service in one of the armed forces.

to engage in finding and attracting employees, new members, students, athletes, etc.

to recover health, strength, etc.

to gain new supplies of anything lost or wasted.

Origin of recruit

Related Forms

  • adjective : recruitable
  • noun : recruiter
  • adjective : unrecruitable
  • adjective : unrecruited


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Examples from the News

  • The priority that the regime places on cyber warfare is made clear by its recruiting.

Inside the ‘Surprisingly Great’ North Korean Hacker Hotel

  • The Feds are more interesting in finding out who is doing the recruiting rather than punishing those being recruited.

    What the U.S. Can Learn from Europe About Dealing with Terrorists

  • At the same time, the gorier the propaganda, the better it was for ISIS recruiting.

    Has ISIS Peaked as a Military Power?

  • This can be a helpful guide to other nations in deterring ISIS from recruiting.

    It ll Take More Than Bombs to Stop ISIS

  • Sheikh Raad al-Khafaji had invited me to break the Ramadan fast in the headquarters of his recruiting operation.

    The Brewing Battle for Baghdad

  • Examples

    • How are they to employ the day, or what inducement have they to employ it, in recruiting their stock of health?

    Sunday under Three Heads

  • I took them from the recruiting man, as they came, she replied.

    Stewart Edward White

    The Leopard Woman

  • There was another boom in recruiting just then, following on another German outrage.

    St. John G. Ervine

    Changing Winds

  • There were recruiting sergeants to be met with at every turn.

    Bill o th Hoylus End

    Adventures and Recollections

  • A cynic sends us a tip for the recruiting department of our army.

    Punch or the London Charivari, Vol. 147, November 25, 1914

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