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Aug 31 2018

Mit online graduate programs

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The deep commitment to education found in the School of Science makes MIT unique among the great research universities. MIT provides each of its undergraduates with an understanding of the basic elements of biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, and our Science faculty are devoted to doing this well. Some of our most famous faculty members, even a few with Nobel Prizes, are some of the best teachers of our freshman subjects.

Our science majors are provided with the very best introduction to their chosen field and the opportunity to participate in leading-edge research. Whether our undergraduates go on to graduate studies in science or a professional school in an area such as medicine, law, business, or engineering, they will be superbly prepared for their careers after MIT.

Many of our graduate students have pursued distinguished careers in research and education; however, others enjoy equally satisfying careers in business, industry, and government. Combining their PhD degrees in science with medical, law, or business degrees, our graduate students are uniquely capable of making creative contributions to the modern world.

  • Biology

The Department of Biology has developed a unique graduate program based on a philosophy of training students broadly in modern biology. Their program is designed for students with widely diverse academic.

  • Brain Cognitive Sciences

    The Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences offers an interdisciplinary graduate program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. The aim of the doctoral program is to prepare a select group of.

  • Chemistry

    The Department of Chemistry offers the Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Science degrees, both of which aim to help graduate students become independent scientists, capable of identifying areas of.

  • Earth, Atmospheric Planetary Sciences

    The graduate program at the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences aims to educate outstanding young scientists—primarily at the Ph.D. level—for careers in academia, government, and.

  • Mathematics

    The Mathematics Department offers programs covering a broad range of topics leading to the Doctor of Philosophy and the Doctor of Science. Candidates whose primary interest is in the field of pure.

  • Physics

    The emphasis of both the undergraduate curriculum and the graduate program is on understanding the fundamental principles that appear to govern the behavior of the physical world, including space and time.

    • Biophysics

    The Biophysics Certificate Program seeks to foster the training of graduate students in the application of the physical sciences and engineering to fundamental biological questions at the molecular, cellular.

  • Computational Systems Biology

    The emerging field of systems biology represents an integration of concepts and ideas from the biological sciences, engineering disciplines, and computer science. Recent advances in biology, including.

  • Life Sciences

    Many areas of research today have a Life Sciences focus. This is primarily due to the powerful tools of molecular biology, which form a common language and allow exciting and important interdisciplinary.

  • Microbiology

    The Graduate PhD Program in Microbiology is an interdepartmental, and interdisciplinary program at MIT. MIT has a long-standing tradition of excellence in microbiological research, and there are.

  • Molecular Cellular Neuroscience

    MIT is uniquely situated to provide neuroscience training at the bridge of multiple disciplines. Long a leader in engineering and biotechnology, the Institute has greatly expanded its neuroscience research.

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