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Sep 7 2018

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Post a job on the

Job postings Job postings

Indeed helps the right candidates find you.

There are two ways to get your jobs on Indeed:

No career site?

Post jobs directly on Indeed

Post for free*

Post jobs for free and

appear in general search results.

Pay to sponsor

Sponsor your jobs for as little as

$5/day to attract candidates faster.

Set a budget after entering

your job description.

Sponsor jobs from

your career site or ATS

Post for free*

Jobs from your employer career site can

appear in general search results for free.

Pay to sponsor

Drive more candidates to jobs on

your career site with Sponsored Jobs.

We’ll help you set a budget and

choose which jobs to sponsor.

Why sponsor your jobs

  • Job postings

Free postings lose

visibility over time

  • Job postings

    Sponsored Jobs get

    up to 5X more clicks

  • Job postings

    Get noticed by more

  • Job postings

    Pay only when people

    click on your jobs

    How it works

    People search for

    Job postings

    They enter keywords relevant to

    their experience and background.

    Jobs appear in

    Job postings

    Indeed matches the job

    description and location to

    Sponsored Jobs show

    Job postings

    Sponsored Jobs appear higher

    in search results while free

    listings lose visibility

    Job postings

    Posting Your Job on Indeed

    Get tips to post and edit your job description, set a budget to attract more candidates and navigate your Indeed dashboard.

    Job postings

    10 Tips to Improve Your Job Content

    Learn how to make your jobs stand out with compelling content that captures candidates’ attention.

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