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Mar 13 2018

Teachers Training India

#preschool #teacher #certificate #online # Transforming aspiring teachers into expert educators. ACT offers myriad teacher training courses for aspiring educators If you are eager to get started as a teacher or expand your expertise as a teaching professional in the pre and primary segment then you need to develop your skills and gain knowledge based on a student’s learning needs. Teacher training is becoming imperative for the aspiring pre and primary teachers as well as for the teachers who are already working in the field of pre and primary, nursery, Montessori and early childhood education. The teacher training courses carefully …

Aug 5 2017

Preschool Teacher Training and Career Education Programs #training #in #early #childhood #education, #preschool #teacher #training

# Preschool Teacher Training and Career Education Programs Essential Information According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more employers now prefer to hire preschool teachers who have completed certificate or associate’s degree programs ( ). Many community colleges offer 1-year certificate programs and 2-year associate’s degree programs that prepare individuals to sit for state licensing examinations; however, professional associations also offer fast-track credentialing programs. In addition to certificate and associate degree programs, there are also 4-year bachelor’s degree programs available, and there are opportunities to take online courses for any of these programs. Early childhood education programs emphasize …